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CLLES welcomes collaboration opportunities with the industry. CLLES can scope down a project that can be worked on by the UNC Charlotte faculty and the students. The projects can be applied, research-based or education-based or a combination. CLLES faculty has the depth and breadth to address lean six sigma problems in manufacturing, logistics, and services.

A partial list of projects that the CLLES faculty worked on can be found below:

  • Lean Six Sigma in Law Business
  • FMEA Implementation in a Collaborative Supply Chain Environment
  • Analysis of Testing Techniques for Electrical Connections in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Characterizing the Automotive and Motor-sports Industry Supply Chain in the Greater Charlotte Region of Carolinas
  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
  • Aggregate Planning with Flexibility Requirements Profile
  • Supply Chain Management for Textile/Apparel Industry
  • Robust Lean Systems Design Approach for Supply Chain Operations
  • Effective Warranty Returns for Supply Chain Operations
  • Risk Management in Complex Systems
  • Supply Chain Management for Enhancing Power Distribution Systems
  • A Longitudinal Study of the Market Penetration of Cockpit Weather Information Systems.
  • Identification of Market Adoption Factors and Product Positioning for Cockpit Weather Information Systems.
  • Optimization-Based Models for Resource Downgrading and Test Wafer Management in Semiconductor Fabrication.
  • Making Procurement Decisions in a Group-Buying Framework: Volume-Discounted and Combinatorial Cases.
  • Impact of Supply Chain Capabilities on Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal Design
  • Healthcare Systems Design & Enhancement
  • Logistics Systems/Transportation Systems Planning & Enhancement
  • Funding Project Risk Management Tools